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  • Our Shop

    Hi! Our shop sells K-Pop inspired merch, stationery, and other cute things <3 We're two sisters that love K-Pop and wanted to bring fans together with cute merch! Click "About Us" to read more!

  • Tee

    Hello! I'm Tee and I'm the eldest sister ('92) I consider myself to be a K-pop newbie, since I officially started to like K-pop in 2019. My life has changed ever since then and I love many groups! Yes I'm a multi-stan :) I have many biases (you can ask me for my long list!) but my ult is Mingyu from SVT!

  • Jan

    Hey y'all I'm Jan, and the youngest sister ('99) I've been a K-pop fan since 2015. I discovered K-pop from a Tumblr post about GOT7. Since then, I've been into so many groups including BTS, EXO, NCT, CIX, SVT, and ATEEZ! My current bias is Wonwoo from Seventeen.