CWU Project

Create with Us (CWU) Project

What is the "Create with Us" Project?

Create with Us (CWU), is our favorite project that let's us include our customers to help create a new product! This product-planning project is so much fun because we all come together and share our ideas for a new keychain, lanyard, etc. We can create anything together!

The design and details will be completely up to you. Yes, you read that right! YOU choose the shape, the design, the group, the wordings, the color, and anything you can think of. We do all the hard work, including the actual artwork, sourcing with manufacturers (if needed), and product packaging.

When does it take place?

CWU Projects usually starts in early September/October before the holidays.

Keep a look out on our Instagram during these months. We will post about the project on our story and page!


How to Participate:

It's so simple! You participate by voting/commenting on our posts during the planning phases! Your vote will be counted once we like your comment.


Full CWU Breakdown:

This entire project will take about 3 weeks. During the 3 weeks, we will go through 6 phases.

The 6 phases:

  • Group/Artist or General Idea selection
  • Theme / Concept
  • Shape and Style of product
  • Color palette for product
  • Design Elements (stars, hearts, glitter, etc.)
  • Favorite design voting. Pre-order begins.

Each Phase will last 3 days. We want to give everyone enough time to participate and vote. Instagram algorithm's is not the best so please make sure to turn on notifications!

Voting is so simple! As mentioned above, you cast your vote by commenting on our posts.

We do have one rule: ONE vote/comment per account please! <3


What do you get out of CWU?

  • A very special product, that WE created together <3
  • Pre-order benefits! Including: discounted price on CWU product, special coupon code for our shop (extra discount!), and Happy Mail filled with holiday freebies.
  • Happy Mail contents: Photocards, pinback buttons, stickers, and other goodies!


Past CWU Project products:

1. Stray Kids / Blue Print inspired Keychain

2. NCT U / From Home inspired Lanyards